Tuesday, August 4, 2020

AGH Season Begins

It's a week into August, and we now know for sure that there is at least one AGH colony established near Blaine. It's anybody's guess if there are more colonies or not, but it sure seems likely to me, considering the ideal environment they've landed in, and the unlikelihood that from last year's colonies (plural- as there must have been at least two to allow mating), only one queen was established.  That would seem far too good to be true.

However, even if there are multiple colonies, it doesn't mean that they will attack area hives this year. There are plenty of other protein sources available, the multiple species of Yellow Jackets being one option, and it's a very large area for them to hide in. 

Although the State is happy to learn that the syrup traps actually work, and (I read) are considering using drones to find hives (unclear on this- in the ground? Is there a thermal footprint even?), it still seems to me that integrating live traps would be very helpful. Catching a living AGH means it could potentially be tracked back to its source. 

I don't know if anyone is actually going to build any of these traps or not (except for Howard, who built two to test the design, I know of no others), but I am proceeding this week to build 20, and Ruth Danielson (the volunteer organizer for the trapping ) is going to pick them up and distribute them. These are for folks near the Blaine "epicenter", and if you're near there, and want at trap, let me know and I'll see if I can arrange it.

Should be an interesting few months!

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