Thursday, August 20, 2020

Worker Found, Colony Established, Good Luck All

It's past mid-August, and I just heard from Ruthie that a worker AGH was trapped in trap she'd put out.

And so it begins- a colony of hornets is out there, one at least, likely more, and only weeks to go before that colony, or those colonies, send out more queens for the next year.  It sure doesn't sound promising, but a lot of good people are on it. And- they have technology on their side- thermal sensors, DNA tests, etc.

I understand that the state is experimenting with live traps, and also experimenting with alternative baits. Those folks are awesome, and I am super impressed.

However, it remains true, that what the AGH really wants isn't bait in a trap, but a hive or two. And for that, one wants a hive trap. I'm not sure I understand the scene exactly in Japan, but mu sense is that if you are a beekeeper, you install hive traps. Now that we know that there is  colony out there, this seems to me to be  real incentive to build and install them, in addition to the bottle traps.

They are easy to build, and cheap. If someone doesn't have the tools or know how, but is in the area and wants one, I  can build them one.  Just email me or let me know. I'm south, down in Duvall, but I'm sure we could arrange a midpoint.

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