Built Examples!

Traps Made By Local Beekeepers

Below are images of traps made by local beekeepers. If you make one, I'd love to include it on this page! Send me a photo! I think I'll keep a running log of them so folks can compare, or be inspired to build one.

June 29, 2020

These were made by Harold Van Alsburg of Bellingham (I think?) just a few days ago. He's been a real help in making sure the plans are buildable, and added a few innovations. He made both a 10 frame and 8 frame version with the tetrahedron style traps.

Harold used 1x (meaning 3/4" thick) tight knot cedar fence boards for these- which is a superior material (and can also be purchased as cedar decking) than the 5/8" material I suggested in the drawings. Much stouter, though more pricey. Still- I'd recommend it if you can find it at a reasonable price.

He also enlarged the triangles to 4"- which I think may or may not be a good idea and we're reviewing (I'm  concerned even with the smaller version holes they might be too confusing to the exiting bees- but not sure yet).  Here are some images, really nicely done!

Front view
Side view

A view of the underside

8 Frame version- Harold reduced to two holes, which
is a great idea
8 frame side

8 frame bottom

July 1, 2020

The below is one of Harold's traps installed on one of Michael Jaross's colorful hives. He's going to see how quick the bees can adapt the to the change in their entry. This is a concern I think, as we really want the bees to fly below the trap, not land on top and climb down, or exit or enter through the screen. These are also officially the first AGH hive traps in Whatcom county!

October 14, 2020

These were just made by Philip Bovenkamp, north of Bellingham, in the area where live hornets have been recently found, so this will potentially  prove to be the trap that catches an AGH.  Philip's not a beekeeper, but obviously a woodworker!- and has made these for his neighbor.  Really nice work. He's installed "cone" traps, rather than the trapezoids I've been using, and they look well made- I'm tempted to switch over to these, they look like an improvement.  Like Harold, he's used 3/4" material, and it will make this trap longer lasting.

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