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I found it pretty impossible to search for anything pertinent on the Asian Giant Hornet after the New York Times irresponsibly pegged them as "Murder Hornets". Shame on them for that- though possibly it makes people more attentive to keep an eye open (so to speak) for them.

I was stumped on how to find anything on the internet regarding trapping, except three of four old videos done by expat Americans living there.

Even searching for Giant Sparrow Bee shows up as "Murder Hornet." Its like a brick wall.

Then it occurred to me that I needed to search in Japanese. Of which I know only two words. Neither of which I can remember right now.But I found this site  which provided the katakana necessary, which it turns out, works in a search. You then get Japanese sites, and click on Google Translate- and there you go- more information than one could possibly every get through.

So this is the Katakana, which means "Giant Sparrow Bee" (which is not what the website above says it means, but it does....):


Then if I translate "trap" on Google Translate:


And I just put those together (I have no idea of what I am doing):


If you cut and paste that as a search- it's endless. In You-Tube there are lots of people showing traps. You can also find a whole series of videos of people that take the Giant Hornet and make it fight some other poor creature in a box. The tarantula pretty much has no problem- but everyone else does. Not for the faint hearted.

You can also do this for terms like "Beekeeping Equipment" to find vendors.

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